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 Blending has become a trend

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PostSubject: Blending has become a trend   Fri Oct 08, 2010 5:35 pm

Human beings as a species are the lovers of fashion. The term got its significance through the inclination of man towards the unusual and new things. Those new elements when implemented and was accepted by a wide group of the society it was called to be fashion. The fashion changes as it is not a static phenomenon, and has every chance to come back even with more power and elegance like a phoenix. Thus every fashion has its own group of followers. That is the reason why we can find people wearing the 1980s bell bottom trousers in the midst of people wearing the low waist and the narrow bottom jeans. Thus we can never claim a trend to be extinct as such.

Thus this ever breathing factor, which stays even after its creator, has now steeped into each and every sector, that those which are not fashionable are called to be traditional. Here tradition is looked down upon, as it seems fashion is directly linked with modernism and tradition with the past. But when the tradition strikes back in the present era, it is also called fashion and is considered to be a modern element. This strategy of human beings where he creates a confusing scenario for a philosopher to philosophize, the common man just look at these developments with mouth widen open.

Here in the case of the dwelling as well the tradition has stroked back with more power that the blending of the modernism amalgamates with the age old tradition leading to the building of concrete structure which emits the novelty but with a traditional outlook. The fashion on the other hand is somewhat related to luxury as well. The material might not cost much but the demand makes it luxurious. Both these elements of fashion, that is the tradition and luxury is successfully brought into design by the Custom Luxury Home Builder who to a great extent has made man aware of the importance to upkeep his age old culture and custom. Today the custom luxury homes are built on a large scale, where it seems like the modern era is breathing the ancient air and vice versa.
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Blending has become a trend
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